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2022-10-11 16:00:39 Solution

APM32F103RCT7 Automotive EDR Solution


The hardware circuit of the EDR system mainly consists of four circuits: a micro control system, a memory circuit, a power supply circuit, and a sensor circuit, among which the micro control system is the most critical part, which makes the EDR system operate stably in the complex working environment. Furthermore, the automotive-grade MCU is the key to the micro control system.

The solution adopts APM32F103RCT7 automotive-grade MCU, which fully considers the need for real-time and accurate data processing in an EDR environment.

Introduction to APM32F103RCT7 Automotive EDR Solution

The system is subdivided into six major modules.

l  3.3V LDO power supply

l  Upgrade module’s firmware with ISP

l  12-bit high-precision ADC for real-time monitoring of the 12V power supply

l  Use the IIC/SPI interface to drive the acceleration sensor to obtain running data

l  Use IIC interface to drive EEPROM to record car operation data

l  CAN bus interacts with the CAN bus system

APM32F103RCT7 Core Advantages

l  Based on Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, operating at 96MHz, built-in 256KB FLASH, operating temperature covers -40℃~105℃, meets complex working environment requirements, and ensures stable operation.

l  12-bit high-precision ADC can accurately detect power devices, monitor power supply, and provide a timely alarm if any abnormality appears.

l  The integrated rich peripheral interface meets the connection and application scenarios of the EDR system and various peripheral devices and realizes the communication and control application functions.

l  Support dual CAN-bus interface and comply with 2.0A and 2.0B active specifications, communication rate up to 1Mbit/s; support independent USB and CAN, meeting the needs of body control, instrument communication, vehicle charging control, monitoring and calibration operation.

l  ESD>5.5KV, strong anti-interference ability, and higher tolerance to an electromagnetic environment

l  Certified AEC-Q100 and IEC61508 SIL3

In the fast-growing EDR market, more efficient, compact, durable, and cost-effective system designs are more recognized. betway必威 provides the EDR solution that is continuously optimized for safety, convenience, and economy, facilitating EDR companies to bring their products to market quickly.







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