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2022-10-31 10:59:28 Solution F103

APM32F103 Series MCU Electric Bicycle Controller Solution


As a low-carbon, economical, and efficient short-distance commuting tool, the electric bicycle is increasingly favored by people. As the core component, the controller is the key to ensuring the energy-saving and safe operation of electric bicycles.

APM32 Electric Bicycle Controller Solution

The APM32F103 series MCU features low power, high integration, and rapid transplantation, which helps to optimize the overall performance of the electric bicycle and reduce the failure rate of the controller.

Fast Operational Speed


Based on the latest Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, the maximum operating frequency is 96MHz, the Flash is 16~512 Kbytes, and SRAM is 4~128 Kbytes. The built-in FPU has strong signal processing capability and fast operational speed, which helps the controller to efficiently obtain the motor operation status, control the three-phase output power supply and effectively ensure continuous operation of the motor.


High Integration


RTC, PWM, SDIO, EMMC, I2S, high-speed SPI, master and slave I2C, USART, USB, CAN, and other digital peripherals and communication resources are integrated. Multiple general-purpose timers and advanced timers (with dead zone control and emergency braking) are configured and the Hall interface is supported. The high integration of this series helps to improve the protection function of the controller and improve the safety and reliability of electric bicycles.


Low Power Consumption & High Temperature Rating


The product has three ultra-low-power modes: operation, standby, and sleep. The current in standby power mode is within 3µA, which can achieve a longer mileage. The chip has a maximum temperature grade of -40℃ to +105℃, and has strong adaptability to the ambient temperature, which is consistent with the characteristics of high operating frequency in the takeaway electric bicycle industry, which is conducive to extending the service life of electric bicycles. The product also has a rich co-processing function, supports mainstream FOC algorithm library, and has certified IEC61508.


With the unique performance advantages in power consumption, performance, safety, and portability, betway必威 APM32 can effectively help customers to shorten R&D time, reduce production costs and realize the seamless replacement of domestic MCU. At present, this series of chip products can be widely used in the fields of oximeter, manipulator, robot sweeper, interphone, unmanned aerial vehicle, receipt printer, and other products.

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