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2022-07-28 10:00:23 Solution F103

APM32F103 Series MCU Oximeter Solution

KiwenField Application Engineer (Shenzhen Office)

On-Site Technical Support in Southern China

COVID-19 Triggers Shortage Of Medical Electronics

The global spread of COVID-19 has posed huge challenges to the short-term production capacity of medical resources. As the "first line of defense” of epidemic prevention and control, the masks, protective garments, forehead thermometers, and oximeters are facing the problem of supply shortage.

APM32F103 Oximeter Solution

The independently developed APM32F103 series MCU features low power, high performance, and quick transplantation, which can help customers to speed up the research and development, improve product performance, and relieve the supply and demand pressure of medical electronic devices such as oximeters.

Powerful Computing And Processing Capabilities

Based on the latest Arm® Cortex®-M core with a maximum operating frequency of96MHz, the Flash is up to 512Kbytes, SRAM is up to 128Kbytes, and a built-in FPU. It has powerful processing capability in terms of signal speed and accuracy and can read and calculate the corresponding measurement data in a very short time, and display the blood oxygen value by driving the LCD.


Rich Peripheral Resources

RTC, PWM, SDIO, EMMC (enhanced external memory controller), I2S, high-speed SPI, master and slave I2C, USART, USB, CAN, and other digital peripherals and communication resources are integrated. The optimized and upgraded USB2.0 supports simultaneous use of USB and CAN interface when the system clock is 96MHz, which is conducive to realizing the diversified control and communication requirements of the oximeter.

Low Power & High Precision & High Reliability


It supports three ultra-low-power modes: operation, standby, and sleep. The current in standby power mode is within 3uA, which can effectively extend the service life of the battery and achieve a long standby time. The IO drive capability is up to 25mA, meeting the performance requirements of the oximeter for power and reliability. There are three 12-bit A/D converters with 1us conversion time, 12-channel DMA controllers, and up to 112 fast I/O ports. The data can be obtained quickly and the measurement sensitivity and accuracy of the oximeter are improved.

APM32F103 series MCU has rich software and hardware development resources and is easy to use and develop. It supports rapid transportation and helps to realize the seamless replacement of domestic MCU. At present, this series of chips can also be widely used in forehead thermometers, receipt printers, floor sweepers, interphone, manipulators, electric bicycles, and other product fields.







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