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2022-07-21 10:44:42 Solution F103 F072 F030

APM32 MCU-based Electric Vehicle BMS & Motor Control Solution


With the popularity of the concept of intelligent transportation, electric vehicles have gradually become the first choice for short-distance transportation with their energy-saving, environment-friendly, economical and convenient features. According to the global consulting firm "Frost & Sullivan", China's electric vehicle market size is expected to grow from RMB 65.64 billion to RMB 108.99 billion from 2019 to 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.22%, and the electric vehicle industry will become a blue ocean market with a scale of 100 billion.


An electric vehicle is composed of a motor drive, power supply system, and control system. It has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, low use cost, and fast speed.


betway必威 APM32 series industrial-grade general-purpose MCU has the advantages of low power, high performance, high integration, and easy to transplant. It supports a 96-bit unique device ID (UID) with 8kV ESD, meets the industrial reliability standards, and has strong anti-interference and anti-static capabilities. The operating temperature of the full range of products is -40℃~+105℃, which meets the temperature requirements of a harsh operating environment, and can provide safe and reliable embedded application solutions for the electric vehicle industry.



APM32F103 Series MCU Electric Vehicle Motor Control Solution


· Efficient processing: Based on the latest Arm® Cortex®-M3 core with a maximum operating dominant frequency of 96MHz.

· Large storage space: Flash: 16-512KB, SRAM: 6-128KB, configured with enhanced external memory controller EMMC.

· Support-CAN communication module and comply with 2.0A and 2.0B (active) specifications.

· Support mainstream FOC algorithm library, with high conversion efficiency, effectively reducing controller temperature rise and extending battery life.

· The Hall sensor is used as the synchronous signal. FOC is used to realize the sine wave control mode to ensure the stable operation of the motor.

· Built-in FPU supports floating-point multiplication, which helps to improve the angle operation speed and accuracy of the Hall sensor.

· Support floating-point trigonometric function operation, which is conducive to arctangent operation and high-frequency injection without sensor and observer, and the generation of sine wave pulse injection signal.

· It has certified IEC61508 and USB-IF and meets the industrial high-reliability standard

APM32F072xB Series MCU Electric Vehicle BMS Solution


·Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core with an operating dominant frequency of 48MHz

·Flash: 64-128KB SRAM: 16KB

·Support sleep, stop and standby low-power modes and achieve longer mileage

·Support the simultaneous use of USB and CAN interface, and provide a

cost-effective USB scheme without an external crystal oscillator

·Adopt the technology of shutting after full charge, and support the charge, discharge, and power-off protection

·Support the use of voltage chargers with a wide range and support remote control

· It has certified USB-IF, which effectively guarantees no worry about the export of terminal products


APM32F030x8 Series MCU Electric Vehicle Display Screen Solution


·Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core with an operating dominant frequency of 48MHz

·Flash: 32-64KB SRAM: 4-8KB

· It supports up to 55 high-speed I/O ports, which can drive multiple LED light control and horn control

· Built-in SPI and DMA modules of up to 24MHz, which can ensure that the display screen does not get stuck and the content is refreshed in time

· It integrates SPI/UART/I2C communication interfaces, which makes it easy to plug-in NFC and Bluetooth. It supports Bluetooth wireless transmission and APP control


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