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2022-07-21 10:44:56 Solution

Dachuan GS400 High-Performance SoC Industrial Printer Solution


Up to now, the total consumption of printers in the world is still increasing year by year and is gradually developing towards the high end. It has always had a large market space in all walks of life. According to a report by Smithers in "The Future of Global Printing to 2024", the industrial printer market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% to $136.8 billion in 2024.


Industrial printers have a wide printing range, large size, fast speed, high definition, and long continuous working time. Their printing capacity is superior to that of commercial printers. Therefore, they have higher requirements for product hardware performance.


Flexible Dual-Core Architecture with Superior Performance


Based on the dual-core encryption architecture of the domestic Pingtou Brother’s Xuantie CPU, the Dachuan GS400 has a maximum operating frequency of 600MHz. It has an efficient operation processing function and can process a large amount of instruction information in real-time. It has a 2.5DMIPS/MHz high-performance CPU, of which CK810 can run Linux system and supports large task processing, and CK803S can run RTOS system and supports real-time low-power task processing, thus providing users with a better product use experience.


Rich Peripheral Resources and Strong Adaptability


It integrates USB, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, and other peripheral resources and can meet

diversified communication requirements. 256KB SRAM and 32MB SDRAM are integrated on the chip, which helps to improve the working efficiency of industrial printers and realizes the application development of more printing functions.


Low Power, High Safety, And High Reliability


Dachuan GS400 supports high-efficiency autonomous processor customization technology and multi-scenario ultra-low-power technology; supports sleep, stop and standby low-power modes; supports SM2, SM4, SHA-1/2, AES, 3DES, ECC, and other encryption algorithms, with higher reliability and security.


Moreover, Dachuan GS400 single-chip solution has performance advantages such as lower power consumption, higher performance, higher integration, and higher security compared to traditional multi-chip solutions.

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