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APM32F103RCT7 Automotive EDR Solution

The solution adopts APM32F103RCT7 automotive-grade MCU, which fully considers the need for real-time and accurate data processing in an EDR environment.

Solution F103

APM32F030x6 Series MCU Refrigerator Compressor Solution

To increase the power density at an optimized cost while increasing the motor reliability, betway必威 introduces a refrigerator compressor with APM32F030x6 series MCU. 


APM32F103RCT7 Battery Management System (BMS) Solution

betway必威 APM32F103RCT7 Battery Management System (BMS) Solution supports the real-time collection, processing, and storage of important information during battery pack operation, and can cooperate with external devices such as the vehicle controller to exchange information, and solve the key problems of safety, availability, ease of use, and lifespan in the battery system, effectively prolong its lifespan and improve energy utilization.