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Product Overview

Dachuan GS400 is based on the domestic T-head dual-core security encryption architecture, using the international advanced and domestic leading embedded SOC-eSE security unit technology, while supporting the autonomous processor customization technology and multi-scene ultra-low-power technology, for the core and critical nodes of the industrial Internet, can provide low power consumption, high security embedded application solutions.

Structure Diagram


T-head Dual-Core

  • CK803Sx1
  • CK810x1

Working Frequency

  • Maximum frequency:600MHz


  • SRAM:256KB
  • SDRAM:32MB

Operating System

  • Linux
  • RTOS


  • Support SM2、SM4
  • Supports 256-bit AES and 192-bit 3DES, ECC


  • Industrial printers, two-dimensional code scanning guns, translation pens, intelligent POS machines and computer peripherals